Is you closet full of clothes, but you have “nothing to wear”! Do you have trouble finding items? Are you always wearing the same things because it’s too much trouble to search in that mess

Great results take a little bit of effort….So, we won’t just simply flip through each hanger… we will empty your closet and ensure that each item that we return fits a criteria that we will establish together. Piles may grow of items to alter, donate and replace..but the ultimate goal is to work with the items you have, perhaps wearing them in new ways.


Before we start cleaning your closet, decide who will get the castoffs. Knowing that your clothes are going to a favorite charity, a homeless shelter or the local do-gooder thrift shop is a great motivator to get you purging.

Shhhhhh!..Have you just bought your “100th” white blouse…relax, no judgement here, we all have our clothing casualties. What happens between us in your closet…stays in your closet.